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GeoForm+ - The 7th international industrial forum

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About forum

The 8th International specialized forum of the latest technologies in the field of geodesy, cartography, geographic information systems, intelligent transport systems and satellite navigation, geology and geophysics, tunnel construction and underground utilities


  • MVKInternational exhibition company


  • Association of Transport Telematics
  • GLONASS/GNSS-Forum Association

March15 – 18, 2011 
MoscowEcoCentre Sokolniki

The industrial forum includes four specialized exhibitions:

GeoMap – geodesy, cartography (including aspects of obtaining licenses through profile services), geographic information management system; geoprojectsurveyings, design, calculation of project costs and professional organizations conducting work in the field of engineering and engineering research, inventory, facility-farm land and territorialplanning

GeoWAY – navigation, multimedia, navigation and intelligent transport (road and marine) systems, satellite navigation, AUTOSPUTNIK and navigation in the GPS system 

GeoTech – technologies, programs, methods, equipment and machinery for engineering geology, geophysics and geodesy, companies organizing the geological, geodetic surveying (using electronic and optical theodolites, rotary levels and other special equipment), maintenance services of the geodesic

The GEOFORM+ Forum takes place in Moscow and is the leading trade fair for the latest technology and equipment to build projects and works in the field of geodesy, geology, mapping, geophysics (fishing, nuclear, exploration and environmental), global navigation satellite systems, minerals and farm land, as well as in related subject areas. At the Forum exhibitions there will be presented the latest developments in the field of petroleum geology, geology, land and oceans, in engineering surveys in construction.
For the seven years of its existence, the GEOFORM+ Forum became a meeting place for domestic and foreign specialists, manufacturers of geophysical and navigational equipment and technology, a platform for sharing experiences in the work, demonstrate new products and contracts.
The trend of GEOFORM+ rapid growth suggests that this project is on demand in the market today. It became an important link in the marketing policy of many companies. The four exhibitions that are part of the Forum, gather together several industries related to research the Earth's surface and its depths, nature, geography resource management and environment. GEOFORM+ is also in demand to demonstrate the high technologies with good prospects for innovation, backed by the economic prosperity of the country. Participation in the only branch exhibition of the Russian market has become a matter of honor for the companies working in this field.
Exhibitors from Russia and many other countries are actively responding to invitation to present their products and services at the forum, knowing that this is the fastest way from producer to consumer.
According to the survey among the visitors in 2009, the Forum is perceived as a tool for solving a wide range of problems – from finding new products to the study of supply and demand. The visitors have also appreciated the opportunity to participate in the business program of the Forum.

You are welcome to become an exhibitor of the 8th International specialized forum GEOFORM+'2011!



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